In the course of doing business, I and my clients find it very helpful to be able to view my designs from their own office, on their own computer. I accomplish this with a free service called Mikogo. It has proven invaluable in time and fuel saved, and has made it possible for me to work for clients anywhere. It is basically a screen sharing service, plus much more. I can not only share my designs with them, but they can interact with the design as if they were in my office.

join-session-winIt all starts by the client downloading a small program from and selecting “Join session”, where they see a screen like the one below.




Then I provide them with a session ID# that they type into the box, along with their screen name. There is also a chat feature that can be accessed if phone charges are prohibitive.


settings-preferences-winIn the interface you can find a settings preference box where things like a slow connection, or Mac versus Windows can be adjusted, and where you can set the session to be recorded.

In addition to all of the great features, there is a whiteboard available so that either participant can sketch on my screen to convey a visual concept.

As mentioned above, this service saves myself and my clients time, money and fuel driving to meetings, and allows us to collaborate in real time without leaving home or office.

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